may i feel said he
e.e. cummings

    may i feel said he
   (i'll squeal said she
   just once said he)
   it's fun said she

   (may i touch said he
   how much said she
   a lot said he)
   why not said she

   (let's go said he
   not too far said she
   what's too far said he
   where you are said she)

   may i stay said he
   (which way said she
   like this said he
   if you kiss said she

   may i move said he
   is it love said she)
   if you're willing said he
   (but you're killing said she

   but it's life said he
   but your wife said she
   now said he)
   ow said she

   (tiptop said he
   don't stop said she
   oh no said he)
   go slow said she

   (cccome? said he
   ummm said she)
   you're divine! said he
   (you are Mine said she)

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