One steeped in the power of Te is like a newborn:
Poisonous insects do not sting it;
Ravening beasts do not claw it;
Birds of prey do not seize it.

Its bones are weak and its muscles soft
But its grip is strong.
It has no notion that men and women couple,
Yet its penis is stiff from sheer vitality:  
It is perfect.
It cries and cries all day and does not go hoarse;
It is in perfect harmony. 

To know harmony is to know the everlasting.
Knowing the everlasting is called enlightenment
And portends good things to come.
Mastering the vital spirit is strength,
But forcing its power to climax leads to exhaustion
And is not of the Tao.
And what is not of the Tao is soon gone. 

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