The best Te is unconscious of itself: that is what makes it the best Te. 
    Lesser Te can’t forget that it is Te: that is what makes it lesser Te.
    The best Te does not act, nor does it lead to action.
    Lesser Te not only acts, but acts intending that more things should happen.

    The truly kind person is kind without thinking about it.
    The less-kind person acts with kindness on her mind.
    The virtuous do deeds that bring about more deeds. 
    The righteous do deeds and, being ignored,
    Role up their sleeves to enforce rectitude.

    When people lose the Tao
    The doctrine of Te arises.
    After Te is lost
    The doctrine of Benevolence arises.
    After Benevolence is lost
    The doctrine of Justice arises.
    After Justice is lost
    What remains is Ritual.

    Ritual is the veneer of loyalty and sincerity
    And the beginning of disorder.
    Sooth-saying and augury are transient flowers of the Tao
    And the beginning of folly.

    The masterful and mature dwell in substance, not in surface,
    Prefer the fruit to the flower,
    Leave the one and take the other.

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