Empty the mind of thought; quiet yourself.
Remain still.   

Perceive that myriad things rise up and then sink back again. 
Ten thousand things arise –
Discern their return to their repose.
All that flourishes, all that flourishes in profusion, 
All that comes forth goes back again
Returns to the root from whence it came.

Return to the root is called tranquility.
It is the cycle of nature.

Reversion to origins is eternal reality.
Knowing eternal reality is called insight.
Not knowing eternal reality leads to disaster.

Those who know the eternal are broad minded,
Being broad minded, are impartial, and,
Being impartial, take the royal view. 
Taking the royal view, they accord with heaven,
According with heaven, they accord also with the Tao.
And because they accord with the eternal Tao,
Though their lives come to an end,
They live free from peril. 


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