Look for it and you will not see it.
    It is invisible.
    Listen for it and you will not hear it.
    It is inaudible.
    Reach for it and you will not touch it.
    It is intangible.
    Try to describe its traits and you will fail,
    Because they merge and blend in unison.  

    Rising, it does not shine.
    Sinking, it does not dim.
    Eternally returning into nothingness,
    Formless and incomprehensible,
    Approach, and you will not see its face.
    Follow, and you will not find its back.

    Stay with the age old Tao
    In the present moment;
    Use it in the here and now
    And know the Tao primeval. 

    This is called the Tao’s Unbroken Thread.


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